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RMA - Risk Management Association

Captive Insurance  
A captive can be a powerful tool for your organization to take complete control of its risk while gaining greater financial flexibility and coverage.
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Risk Management Association - Case Study
Sample: A carpentry contractor in Illinois joined the RMA to seek a more proactive claims management process to manage workers’ compensation incidents.
When a severe incident occurred onsite, they turned to their RMA partnership for guidance.
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llinois Contractor’s Risk Management Association
Do you qualify as one of Illinois’ best in class contractors?
If you answered yes, you deserve an insurance program that takes your superior operations into account.
Read an exclusive program for the industry’s best contractors.


Illinois Contractor's Risk Management Association sponsored by RCEC: the preferred workers’ compensation solution for best-in-class Illinois contractors.

For over 25 years, the RMA has provided a unique workers' compensation solution to a select group of Illinois contractors identified as best-in-class for risk management and financial strength. This solution provides the benefits and control of individual self-insurance coupled with lower fixed costs through group buying power. Qualifying as a self-insured group trust under the State of Illinois, RMA enjoys unparalleled financial strength and the security of reinsurance and excess carriers rated “A” or better by A.M. Best.

As program administrator, Assurance Agency works directly with the RMA Board of Directors to select claim administrators, managed care providers, reinsurance and excess carriers, investment firms, and other professionals to manage the operations of the group. RMA members control their own individual claim funding account and make key decisions on claim strategy, settlements and attorney selection. RMA also boasts the most comprehensive safety and loss control programs serving the construction industry.

The program is open to residential, commercial and industrial contractors with a strong focus on safety and a desire to take control of their workers’ compensation costs.


Cash Flow: Rather than paying premiums to an insurance company, RMA members pay program expenses plus paid losses up to their self-insured retention of $250,000 per claim. There’s no requirement to fund reserves.

Claim Control: Members, along with Assurance claim advocates, work with an independent claim administrator hired by the members to have greater control over the management and settlement of their claims.

Focus on Safety: Assurance Safety Consulting has developed a vast program of proven safety and inspection services that help RMA members achieve results better than industry average and create a culture focused on safety.

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Officers & Directors

Roger Monaco
Monarch Construction, Inc.

Carolynn DeFano
Advantage Contractor Solutions, Inc

Executive Director:
Cathy Kirin, RCEC

David Ascher
Ascher Brothers Co, Inc.

Tom Connolly

Ewing-Doherty Mechanical, Inc.

Paul Helmer
Paul J. Krez Company

Robert Johnston
Carpenter Contractors of America, Inc.

George Weinold Bear Construction Co.

PMA Management Group

Kevin Graves
Assurance Safety Consulting